Internet experiences are often characterized by distraction.

Over-stimulation and anxiety. The ease with which a user can jump from one page to another reduces the ability to spend time with a thought, to ruminate more deeply on an idea.


My theme for this project is nature and meditation. Meditation is important in our life because it can help us eliminate negative thoughts, anxiety, and worries. Also, it can help us to live the healthier life. Meditation can help us manage our minds so we can think positive thoughts, feel happy and realist stress. 


We often try to find the harder way to meditate ourselves but we can easily find a way to meditate if we just look around in nature. Looking at a peaceful view and listening to nature sounds such as sounds of the waterfall, sounds of birds in forests can help us to feel relaxed. So, I decided to make series of minimal videos about nature and meditation.


In my project is to create a tranquil web space for contemplation. My concept is to create a series of animations which depict peaceful natural scenes. Like screen savers, these visualizations will occupy the entire screen, running through tranquil visual loops. As with the meditative ritual of chanting, repetition is a means of losing oneself. I want to explore this idea with the medium of animation, using the forms of nature as a counterpoint to the frantic condition of online living.

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